Project 52: Toppling Atlas

1 short story a week. 52 weeks a year.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Week Sixteen: June 21st - June 27th

So I ended up not writing anything new this week. I got a new job, and waiting for the anxiety to die down a little bit. But my little cousin is starting a band with his buddies, and he's been wanting me to send him over some songs. So I wrote this one today, and I hope you guys enjoy it. I know it's cheesy, but whatever. Threw it together in five minutes. Not too shabby ehh? ;)

Sun and Steel

I'm water in a well,
and I've always wondered why.
You'd drop down heavy stones,
so I could never see the sky.

Why won't you let me see;
Why can't I dream?
Why do you have to suffocate me?
Thought that I couldn't take it anymore;
face to the floor.
I'll break your chains, you'll watch me soar.

You put up metal bars to hold me tight;
you kept me down, confused, withdrawn.
You say you are the darkest night;
but forget that I'm the brightest dawn.

Down, down, down!
With the iron king and his fucking rusty crown!
Raise up your liquid confidence,
pour it til he drowns!

You put up metal bars to hold me tight;
you kept me down, confused, withdrawn.
You say you are the darkest night;
but forget that I'm the brightest dawn.

I am the spark that will chase you away,
I'm like the fingers, wrapped around your throat.
I am the man, holding you underwater,
I am the weight that won't let you float.

You put up metal bars to hold me tight;
you kept me down, confused, withdrawn.
You say you are the darkest night;
but forget that I'm the brightest dawn.

Whenever you're afraid of the darkest nights,
just know inside you lays an endless dawn.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week Fifteen: June 14th - June 20th

Again, no show. Sorry guys.

I just really don't care anymore. I'll try harder next week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week Fourteen: June 7th - June 13th

Hunos Pyxis

The year is 1842, and the continent of Africa is on fire. European nations wage long, bloody wars with local tribes in order to take control of trade routes, precious goods, and slave trade. The most notorious of these are Britain's 1832 invasion of the island of Madagascar. Queen Ranavalona 1 has kicked out the British, and has killed 120,000 followers of the Christian Faith. The queen herself had given Admiral Joseph “Bloody” Bower use of the royal navy to put and end to this. The war lasted 2 years, and was the bloodiest war ever fought on the African soil. A young soldier named Aiden S.D Douglas rises to fame with his brave, and risky maneuvers. Unknown to the public, Aiden had help from an unseen hand. Under the orders of Bower himself, Aiden massacred a helpless village, and the village “shaman” called upon Anayaroli, an African demon to hopefully spare his people. Anayaroli, noticing the strength of Aiden, instead offered him power for a price. Aiden wanted power.

Sitting in a dark room, Aiden pushes hair out of his fiances face with a single finger, and smiles at her. Elizabeth is possibly the most gorgeous woman hes ever seen, and for the first time in his life, Aiden can feel at peace. “Aiden, are you sure you wish to marry me?” she asks him flirtatiously. Picking her up in his arms, he kisses her on the forehead, and looks into her eyes, and says “more than anything else in the world”. Kissing her on the neck, Elizabeth squirms away, and in between giggles says “stop it Aiden! You know I have to head to my mothers estate in Lancaster today, we simply cannot.”

Elizabeth continues to giggle, but after seeing the look of horror on Aiden's face, stops and touches his knee. “Darling, are you alright?” she asks. “What's today's date Elizabeth... what is the date.” Nervously, she responds “I-It's June 5th darling, you really need to get out more”. Aiden whispers “no” seconds before a loud crash is head behind her. Quickly turning around, Elizabeth can see a large dark blue clothes chest sitting amongst broken debris in the corner.

What is going on Aiden! Darling, please, what is happening”

Pushing her aside, Aiden lunges for the chest, and starts to dig through it, throwing clothes and old war memorabilia out of the way, searching for something. After a few seconds, he pulls out a small glass box, full of teeth, and lets out a sigh of relief. “D-darling... what is that” Elizabeth asks, shaking in fear by now. “I never wanted you to see this... they are the teeth of all those I killed in the war”.

Aiden... there are children's teeth in there!”

Aiden buries his face into his hands and starts to weep, while Elizabeth just sits on the bed, waiting for him to react. He finally sits up and tells her the story of meeting Anayaroli, that he would never die in battle, as long as he kept the teeth of these he cut down. Every 10 years, the demon would come check on him to make sure he kept them, and today was the day. Elizabeth rises in disbelief to walk out of the room, but two black hands reach out from behind her, silencing her shouts, and her white dress starts to turn red from every direction.

Anayaroli catches Aiden by the throat as he jumps to help his love, but it thrown against the walls opposite of them. Aiden looks up and is begging Anayaroli to take him instead, but the demon just laughs. “We had a deal demon!” Aiden shouts. “I've done my side of the deal, and now it's time for you to do yours!” but Anayaroli just laughs. “Human, it's in my nature to do as I please, I don't have to do anything”.

Our story ends as Anayaroli pulls out the teeth of Elizabeth, and places them into the glass chest as he laughs hysterically. Aiden lays on the ground, wide eyed and shaking. Poor Elizabeth, Aiden should have passed away in the war.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week Thirteen: May 31st - June 6th

Hey guys, due to trying to get life stuff in order I have yet again missed a deadline. I'd be more bummed out, but I know only 1 or 2 people will read this anyway heh.

I do have one for this coming week, and I promise it will be posted :]