Project 52: Toppling Atlas

1 short story a week. 52 weeks a year.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week Fifty Two: February 21st - February 27th (EXTENDED)

I decided that I should at least put something up for my proposed "final day", but don't have anything written up, so I decided to put down some of my personal quotes. I'm a little nervous about it, because I worry they will be taken as cheesy, or just tossed aside. A personal quote from a person who has accomplished nothing in their lives doesn't have much meaning to it, but I've always been one for the aesthetics, so I've always tried to keep a list of my own quotes with me. I guess reading this, you can understand the kind of person I am. Pathetic, narcissistic, weak. All these traits and more follow me wherever I go, and perhaps the biggest reason on why I am so hard on myself day after day, setting impossibly high standards, knowing that it is only a matter of time before I disappoint myself.

As it is, they are still a coveted treasure of mine, and have found their way, or at least paraphrased cousins of theirs, into many of my stories.
I have resolved myself to hold onto them until the time comes I write a full-length novel, and use them to add depth to certain chapters I find too shallow as is.

1. People are shit, happiness is transient, and accomplishments are meaningless. I was a cynic, and I was right, and if any those of lower intelligence thought otherwise, I'd bury them.
2. Blood, and sweat, and tears may wash down the streets to try and drown you, but understand that as long as you keep kicking, every moment is precious. Live your life, and let everything else pass right on through.

3. Every bad thing in this world is contributed by people who don’t think of their actions during, before, and after doing them.
4. I’d be willing to do the most horrific thing imaginable as long as it brought people together. I’d let the entire world despise me, if only they’d love themselves in the process.
5. The seasons constantly change, but a year is still a year. You can change yourself, and be the same person.
6. Everything was fine in the world when the average man was nothing more than an animal with more defined use of communication and opposable thumbs.
7. The most disgusting thing a man can do is come to terms with his stupidity.
8. Love is emotional, but marriage has always been financial.
9. Love is a mixture of luck and compromise.
10. The easiest way to be the center of attention is to limit your conversation to that of a single person.
11. Recurring bad luck is a trend, not coincidence.
12. The problem with history, is that a mouth could lie and a hand can forge. Ink fades and memories dull.
13. I quietly laugh to myself whenever a man of the cloth claims to detest lying.
14. Comedy is something that must be constantly evolving. A true laugh only happens once, and any following can be seen covered in a  thin film of effort.
15. If you find yourself lost in a fit of rage more then twice a week, you need to find a new job, or put yourself in time out.
16. It takes a small man to want to rule the world, when there’s such a big universe out there.
17. The thing I miss most about my youth is the ability to be inspired. The ability to enjoy moments for themselves, without hanging my head at the inevitable end is a close second.
18. I think funerals should be held inside a building at night, and lasting 24 hours, so that for just a little while, people could forget about mourning.
19. There have ever been four stipulates to rule an empire. Self interest, Insatiable lust for power, obesity, and male pattern baldness.
20. I find it strange that no one questions that our greatest inspirations to live are read from the writings of men who have died.
21. I am currently 21 years old. I have just entered the age where it is socially acceptable to die. I can no longer hope to be a newspaper worthy death.
22. I hate using the word “common sense”, because of just how uncommon it really is. The only places I actually hear it are at Thomas Payne lectures, and foaming from the mouths of imbeciles.
23. I am much more terrified of obscurity than I ever could be of curiosity.
24. Story lines should mimic life. An abrupt introduction, a fumble for answers, and a bittersweet ending with several questions still suspended in air.

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